Business mission of the Federal Centre for Project Finance to the UK


On 15-17 July the Russian Trade Delegation participated in the road show of the Russian Federal Centre for Project Finance (FCPF, Vnesheconombank Group) in the United Kingdom.

The mission aimed at exploration of UK experience in territory marketing, branding and attraction of inward investments included a number of meetings and negotiations with local authorities, city development agencies, research companies and business associations in London, Liverpool and Manchester (the Lord Mayors of Liverpool and Manchester, London&Partners, Liverpool Vision, Marketing Manchester, MIDAS, The Centre for Cities, Liverpool and Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce).

The participants of the mission explored the unique experience of the most successful UK development agencies in creation of infrastructure for city development; raising finance for major sporting, business and cultural events; creative approach to project management and performance evaluation.

During the visit FCPF confirmed their interest to participate in the International Festival for Business (a major business event in Liverpool in 2014) and agreed with Liverpool Vision (city development agency) to cooperate in preparation of Russian regions for the Festival. It is planned to formalize the arrangements in a Memorandum which can be signed during the session of the UK-Russia Intergovernmental Steering Committee on Trade and Investment in Moscow in October this year.

According to FCPF, the UK experience in territory marketing will have a wide practical use during implementation of marketing projects in the Russian regions.

The Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom